When cooling pads on four sides, “Wind” desert coolers offer the most comprehensive cooling from every direction. The UPS of this product is its silent functioning, which ensures a tranquil and comfortable environment at your home. So, bring it in and enjoy the cool seasons all year long.

Honeycomb Pads
International Sleek Design
For more size up to 400-600 sq ft
4-Way Cooling
18” Light Weight Aluminium Blade Fan


Parameters Wind
For Room Up to 400-600 sq. ft.
Air Throw Distance 20 ft
Engg. Plastic (Blower/ Fan) Fan
Wattage (W) (220v/50HZ) 220W (H)
160 W
130 W
110 W
Tank Capacity (up to brim- ltr.) 85 ltrs.
Remote Control Optional
Auto Louver Movement Yes
Ice Chamber Yes
Ice Flow Technology Yes
Cooling Media Honeycomb Pads
Product Dimensions (mm) Height
1135 mm
780 mm
460 mm

*Under ideal test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the ambient conditions and heat load.

*All specifications are approximate and vary within +_ 10% of the specified values. All products are subject to continuous improvement.

*The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Images shown above are not as per scale.